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Wooden Bowls

Here you will find  wooden bowls of all shapes and sizes,  from small drinking vessels to large salad or fruit bowls. All of them are pole lathe turned in the spirit of the old wood turners. The whole idea is to produce utensils that are a joy to use every day again and again.

I love the way they stand out, stubbornly, from modern mass production.  It is a piece of heritage still alive today.

Each piece has its own unique qualities and distinct tool marks.  A feature that cannot be reproduced or copied. It's the handwritting on the wall of the bowl.

Salad / Fruit Bowl Sycamore


Large Horse Chesnut fruit or salad bowl with authentic repair

Out of Stock

Salad / Fruit Bowl Beech


Salad / Fruit Bowl Beech

Out of Stock

Salad / Fruit Bowl Beech


Salad / Fruit Bowl Beech


Small bowls


Eating Bowls-Saxon-Viking-Medivial

Out of Stock

I turn many bowls and plates. Because they sell quickly, I cannot list each and every one individually but will list them according to wood, size and style. (Except for the large sized ONE OFF items. They will appear individually listed)

  • The pictures are an example of any particular wood and style.

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