Ralfson Turnerbjoern, the Viking turner.

Living History and re-enactment is where I don the garb of Ralfson Turnerbjoern, an old Viking turner. Before battle commences you have to eat and drink. You will hear my war-cry:


Ralfson Turnerbjoern – Turner of historic wooden vessels


Ralfson Turnerbjoern will demonstrate the craft of turning wooden vessels on a traditional Viking style lathe. Pole-latheing is an ancient skill that was passed down through generations of turners and survived much unchanged to the present day. The charm and warmth of a usable wooden vessel for eating your food or drinking your drink is quite unbeatable. Ralfson believes that this is because it is truly hand-made and from a natural material. Two qualities that are gaining much momentum in our plastic infested world.

You can watch the process and observe the skill of how a rough piece of timber is transformed into a functional wooden object. Wooden bowls and plates have been used extensively throughout history for food preparation and consumption. There was a time when every person up and down the country would hold a wooden bowl to eat and drink out of, be it pauper or king.


Ralfson recreates designs from different periods including Viking, Norman, Tudor and Elizabethan. Some more contemporary bowls of his own style complement the range.


The vessels are as practical and usable today as they were then, so why not get your own wooden bowl or plate and buy it directly from the maker here.