Wooden Plate with carved rim

Wooden Plate with carved rim

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Wooden plate turned on my pole lathe with carved rim.

This is a  24cm wide plate turned from quarter sawn maple. The tree stood in Cumbria and was old and big enough to try to turn plates from the quarter log, something I had in mind for a while. Quarter sawing is more time consuming and demanding put has the huge advantage that the plates generally do not move much when drying out.

Plates with their wide rims are ideal for experimenting with some extra detailing. This one got a wavy fluted design, something that shows really well on a plate.

This is a good size dinner plate and has a beautifull darker color on one side. the centre where you carve the core left-over away has a slightly lighter color, something I feel adds to the attractivness of this one.



Authentic and useable woodware.

Living history and re-enactors love these as they are properly turned on a tradtional, foot powered lathe. No sandpaper or any other cheats to make it look polished.


All plates are turned to a high quality standart that I love to maintain with all my work.





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    approx. 24 x 2.5cm. This is a great dinner plate.

    Wooden plates can be used for hot and cold food. They do not like to be put into microwaves and dishwasher. Handwash only.