Wooden Plate


Wooden plate turned on my pole lathe.


This is turned from slightly spalted Sycamore, a suberb wood for plate turning. It is a large plate measuring 26cm and has some lovely pattern. I am one of the few pole-lathe plate turners out there turning plates and have developed my own special technique. My plates are all doubble turned. The process starts with green wood and the first rough turning. The plate is then left to season and will typically warp and become wobbly. The second round is the fine tuning.


It takes more time and skill to do it this way but I love eating from a flat plate. The other big advantage of my technique is that I can turn from stock that is usually not regarded as plate material.


Authentic and useable woodware.

Living history and re-enactors love these as they are properly turned on a tradtional, foot powered lathe. No sandpaper or any other cheats to make it look polished.


All plates are turned to a high quality standart that I love to maintain with all my work. Ideal for yourself, as a wedding or housewarming present, and for all re-enactors who care about the authenticity of their kit.




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Hand crafted in the UK

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