Wooden Plate #8


Wooden plate turned on my pole lathe.

This is a  20cm size plate turned from quarter sawn Willow. Willow is a challenginf wood to turn cosit has very stringy and long fibres that tend to hang togehter and tear out a lot. You have to be extra sharp to get it to an acceptable finish. The color is like cream peach and the wood is ever so light.


Authentic and useable woodware.

Living history and re-enactors love these as they are properly turned on a tradtional, foot powered lathe. No sandpaper or any other cheats to make it look polished.


All plates are turned to a high quality standart that I love to maintain with all my work.





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  • Product info

    ca 20cm in diameter.

    Wooden plates can be used for hot and cold food. They do not like to be put into microwaves and dishwasher. Handwash only. 

Hand crafted in the UK

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