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Wooden Clock

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I have been making wooden clocks for many years and have developed my own unique style.
I carefully selected suitable pieces of wood, all english hardwoods, and design them individually, one piece at a time. When I started out making wooden clocks, I soon developed a dislike for the metal hands that you would see on nearly all clocks nowadays. I set out on a journey to make a difference and came up with a  technique to firstly carve wooden hands and then to fit them onto the shafts of a modern quarz movements. It took me a while to get things right but I now have a wooden clock with wooden inlays and most importantly wooden hands. The beauty of this technique is that I can match the hour marker inlays and hands and so every clocks is carefully hand made and a little masterpiece made in wood.

They are fitted with some of the best, german made quarz movements on the market. I use these to keep the price down on this line of clocks but I do also build some with the old fashioned mechanical movemtns. These are much more expensive and you will have to contact me if you interested.


To finish them off I came up with an unique idea for a cover over the movment on the back of the clock. The way I do this will not be given away here but you will see it when you buy one. I can guarantee you it will put a little smile on your face...



    Made from enlish burr oak and bog oak. The hands and hour marker inlays are made from bog oak. The movement is a UTS quarz movement. Battery is not included.


    will be shipped out withing 3-4 days after receiving payment. I ususally send with Hermes.