Wooden Chopping board

Wooden Chopping board


Here I have a run of 12 solid wood chopping boards made from highly figured Wych Elm. I acquired the planks from the man who took the trees down near Waberthwaites, Cumbria. Being Elm, they were dying from Dutch Elm desease, that terrible Elm killer.

Elm is my fav wood.Everything about it is right. Colour, grainpattern, the formidable strength, the legends surrounding it and the smell when you work it. The famous Rialto bridge in Venice apparently sits on Elm stilts. The hub of many cartwheels were fashioned from Elm as it resists splitting like no other, windsor chair seats are traditionally made from Elm for the same reason. Well, I could go on....

The planks were originally intended for a table top but that comission never became a reality and the boards were stacked up in my old workshop. They were there for a bit longer than I intended and nature had its own way with them. I managed to salvage what the worms left of it and so that Waberthwaite Elm tree survies a bit longer in a shape of some lovely boards.

They are beautiful and a pleasure to use, either as a chopping board or as a cheese board.

Handled and hangable.




    Solid Wych Elm Board

    Dimension: 44cm x 15 cm x 2.8 cm

    Finished with oil and ready to use.

    Do not wash in a dish washer! Hand wash only.