beech dish, plater , bowl

Spalted Beech Dish


Wooden dish turned on my pole lathe.

This is a medium size dish turned from Birch. I 'double turn' my plates,i.e. they are roughly turned, left to dry and warp and then put back on the lathe for second round turning. This way, I can turn from smaller diameter stock and the plates will stay dimensionally stable. I do this because I think a wobbly plate is just not useful and enjoyable. You don't want to wear your gravy.


I started turning dishes after being inspired by looking at some of the Mary Rose dishes. Dishes are somewhere inbetween a bowl and a flat plate. I remember using dishes a lot when I was growing up and they were part of our evryday household items. If you eat something a little bit more saucy this is the perfect vessel to use.

The walls on this one are quite subtle and the dish is very light.

It measures 7 3/4 in (19cm) and is around 4cm  high.

Authentic and useable woodware.

Living history and re-enactors love these as they are properly turned on a tradtional, foot powered lathe. No sandpaper or any other cheats to make it look polished.


All plates are turned to a high quality standart that I love to maintain with all my work. Ideal for yourself, as a wedding or housewarming present, and for all re-enactors who care about the authenticity of their kit.






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    Wooden plates can be used for hot and cold food. They do not like to be put into microwaves and dishwasher. Handwash only.