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Set of three bowls - Salad/fruit bowl and two eating bowls


This is a set of three bowls that I made for an exhibition featuring a bee theme #buzz. The exhibition was part of Craftedbyhand in Masham show and highlighted bees plight in a modern world and their decline. This is what I wrote about it:

'This one is easy yet profound and relevant. Without bees there will be no fruits to fill these bowls. With this set of bowls I want to highlight the intimate relationship between the natural and human world. Although the one can do without us, we cannot survive without the other. Let’s take good care and live more wisely and connected.'

Sets are beautiful, especially when cut from the same tree. Commissions can be taken for any numbers of bowls. Different designs and engraving possible.

The large bowlis 28cm, the smaller ones are 22cm.