Hand crafted in the UK

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Set of 4 Coasters-Celtic tree of life coasters-square coasters

  • Set of 4 coaster with design.

  • Hand-made in Kielder

  • Solid hard wood coaster

  • Celtic tree of life design. Two different designs of Yggdrasil.

  • Customizable

  • Personalisation possible

These are engraved with a laser. They are designed in such a way that any number of them can be produced, given I have the right size length of branch material. Using a laser makes these coaster much more affordable and they are stunners. I personally like them so much that I made a batch for my own table at home.


    If you would like to have your coaster personalised, I will reduce the size of the tree  to accomodate the letters. Leave me some extra time for production please( max. 3 days). Fill in the box for personalisation with what you would like to get engraved. Thank you


    Will be shipped within 5 days from day of order.


    If you order these with personalisation, please be aware that I wil not be able to accept returns. 

    Otherwise, if unhappy with what you bought, get in touch and we will sort it out.