Salad/Fruit/Eating bowl from Birch

Salad/Fruit/Eating bowl from Birch


Salad or Fruit bowl.

This is a Birch bowl and is modelled after the Bowls the Vikings used for their dailly needs. Birch was one of the mosst commonly used woods for that purpose. Mostly minimal in decoration but highly functional, a everyday item.


This is turned from green wood and as it dries out it 'shape-shifts' into the most attractive, very authentic looking bowl. The shapes are always unique. This style bowls were used by folks throughout centuries and if you love history and are into living history or reenactment, then my work is perfect for you. I also firmly believe that my style turning is a positive contribution to the changes we must make in order to keep this planet healthy.


Larger bowls like this are one-off items and take a good while to turn on the pole-lathe. They make excellent salad or fruit bowls or serving bowls. Of course, you can use them as an eating bowls as well but you have to be careful not too overfill it. I know from my own experience with bowls and plates, that the bigger the bowl the more food I put on it.



This one is 8cm deep 23.5cm at its widest.


    23.5cm wide and 8cm high. Turned from green beech.

    Wash just as you would hand-wash your other dishes.

    Do not put it into microwave or dishwasher.


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Hand crafted in the UK

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