Porringer / Quaiche eating and drinking bowl from elm

Porringer / Quaiche eating and drinking bowl from elm


Porringer - modelled after a historic original.

This one is tiny and has a real cute factor. Propably best for Whiskey or drinking or small people.

Turned from some rare Wych Elm that had to be taken down in a park in Edinburgh. The tree was 250 years old. Elm is my favorite wood and this one turned exeptionally well.


The handled bowl or Porringer has it's origin in medivial times when wooden bowls were the most commonly used eating and drinking vessels. One fine example was found in London near the Shakespiere Globe.

 It takes much longer to turn as the handles are integral to the bowl, so you start with a large blank that needs a lot of turning to get the rim for the handles. 

I cheerish my own that I have been using for years. The handles give more control when holding the bowl and you do not dink your finger into the soup.


They are perfect eating bowls or- if you prefer- party size whiskey/ beer bowls. They do add a taste of history to your kitchen cup-board.

Turned from elm.





    Wash with warm water, drip or towel dry.

    not suitable for microwaves or dishwasher!

Hand crafted in the UK

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