Mary Rose Replica-Tudor eating bowl

Mary Rose Replica-Tudor eating bowl


These are replicas of the Mary Rose warship eating bolws. This one is turned from oak and ebonized. The process of ebonizing utilizes a very specific oak quality and is not paint. 

Turning a batch of these 16th century bowls is quite an experience. Whilst at the lathe I felt 'transported' back in time and could see the turners of that aera turning the exact same bowls. The turning process created a historic reenactment situation and it made me realize just how different people appreciated their bowls in those days.

They were intended to be used on a sail ship, so the walls of these bowls are a bit more defty to make sure they don't brake easily when knocked about.  I left the base of the bowls 'blank' so you can put your own name carving on it if you like. That's what the owners did to identify their treasured bowl.


approx. 19cmx 6.5cm

71/2 x 2 1/2 in.


This size is perfect for a eating bowl. I source my trees in Cumbria. 



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    I have two of these at the moment. Both are turned from the same section of the tree and are like twins or brother and sister.

Hand crafted in the UK

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