Luebeck Star style salad bowl

Luebeck Star style salad bowl


Turned after a historic find in Luebeck, Germany, although this is a much increased size of the ones I know of. I  enjoyed the carving part on this large bowl. It Is made from a piece of birch that was wide enough to cut a big bowl.

I love turning bowls that have so much history to them and it always seems like a time-travel when on the lathe and making a copy of an original that was turned hundreds of years ago.

Living history!



    Made from Birch from a tree that stood in Cumbria.

    It is a deep bowl with 9cm and 26cm wide.

    Oiled and ready to use.

    Wash just in the same way you hand wash other dishes. NO dish washer and no microwave though.

Hand crafted in the UK

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