Japanese Style eating bowl with/without matching spoon set-decorated

Japanese Style eating bowl with/without matching spoon set-decorated


Setting or not setting, that is the questions.


They are carved from the same wood, Sycamore,and then I played around with the idea of creating a set. I had to allow myself to put stain and color onto my work but I really start to like the results.

Inspired by japanese design,the ramen bowl! A lush eating bowl for everyday life. And it doesn't need to be ramen, really.

The spoon is carved with axe and knife only.


As a turner who has turned creatively for many years, I have notice, just like in life,  there are different phases one goes through. It's a joy to be able to tune into a particular design and through experience, get really good at it. I have a japanese bowl phase at the moment.

Japanese aesthtics have always appealed to my sense of beauty and here I have created my very own version of a japanese bowl, or Ramen bowl. 

They are of a generous size with a high foot, so it lifts the bowl of the table nicely. The taper at the base points inward and upward and creates a V shape.This gives the bowl a distinct appearance. Finally, there is some decoration carved into the upper part of the walls, some with colour some without.

These bowls are turned with fine cuts on the last rounds and this results in a good finish. No modern abrasives were used.


These are between 20 - 22cm x 7.5cm, oiled with Tung oil and ready to use.

Of course you can get the bowl without the spoon and the spoon without the bowl.



    Bowl:Sycamore with band of green milk paint and carved decoration

    21 x 7.5 cm


    Spoon from Sycamore with stain and carving


    finished with Tung oil.

    Please wash with warm soapy water just as you would wash regular dishes. Drip dry or towel dry, both works.

    Do not put into dishwasher or microwaves!



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