Bowl turning hooks- Hook Tools

Bowl turning hooks- Hook Tools


These are double bevel bowl turning hook tools made from old car springs. I have been making my own tools for many years now and considering that I started out with a bend nail, have come a long way. I have developed my own way of making my hooks and just recently upgraded some of my machinery so that I can get reliable and repeatable result from forging, tempering, grinding and sharpening.

My hooks are mostly double bevel, which is a bit harder to make but well worth the extra mile. They are more versatile when on the lathe and I do not have to interrupt the flow and rythm of turning by putting down and picking up another tool as often.

I can , of course make sigle bevel,  tip up or tip down tools with bevel on inside or outside as well.

The steel is eitehr 12 or 16mm in diameter and they are car or van springs that are cut to size and prepared for forging. That is one of the things I really love about the process, I reclaim old springs from my local garage and know this is a good way of working with the resources of nature.



    The hooks are straight style and are good for beginners as well as advanced turners. They are for bowl or plate turning.


  • Odering

    Please be aware that this is on a order basis which means that you are happy to wait for your tool a bit. I hope to be able to send them out withing two weeks of ordering.