stack porringer
16cm jap beech3 (1)
Viking Ash Oak (4)
stacked japanese bowls (2)
Large Porringer stacked
Alder plates stacked (1)
stacked japanese bowls
stacked japanese bowls (1)
small plates (40)
small plate beech2 (5)
Mary Rose Replica (8)
Mary Rose Replica (10)
large porringers 4 (2)
large porringers 6 (5)
Viking Ash Oak (21)
Alder plates stacked (3)
japanese style eating bowls (11)
small plate beech2 (8)
Chestnut nest with repair (5)

Having spent many years on the roads less travelled, I am now based in a workshop in the midst of the beautiful Kielder Forest in Northumberland.


I always had a passion for the crafts and was lucky enough to make one of my passions into my livelihood. I am particularily keen on traditional bowl turning techniques and have now specialised in turning usable and authentic wooden bowls and plates. I follow a twofold approach, turning reproduction pieces and replicas for reenactors and living history for many periods; and turning as a modern craftsman producing sustainble wooden vessels for everyday life.


I also hand carve spoons in an individual style, as well as producing bespoke wooden clocks with hand carved inlaid markers and hands.


For the kitchen, I make a variety of sizes and styles of chopping board, as well as spatulas and coasters, in addition to other gift ideals, such as Celtic style wooden pendants.


I also offer experience days on the pole lathe for up to three people, for those of you keen to enjoy learning a beautiful heritage craft, and go home with your own hand made bowl.


Why not come and visit my shop at Kielder village, as part of a trip to the forest or nearby Dark Skies Centre. You will receive a warm welcome, and find out about the joys of making and using beautiful wooden objects.

You are looking at my Instagram Feed. The pictures are snapshots of a full-time craftsman at work and some moments related to life but not work. 

In this way I am painting a picture of a 21th century maker who is inspired by the crafts and skills of days gone bye and who has - like many makers - a mind of his own.

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