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Experience Days on the lathe

Fancy learning a new - very old - skill? 


Pole lathe bowl turning is an endagered crafts and gets a lot of attention at the moment. It all started with spoon carving and now people realize that you need a wooden bowl to use your wooden spoon -;))

More and more folks enjoy picking up a traditional hook tool and get turning-just like the turners of the days gone bye did. Wooden bowls are a fantastic utensil, esp. if you have manged to turn your own.
I can help you to get started on your bowl turning journey.  I have honed my skills for over a decade now and I can offer the perfect space to teach this facinating skill to others.

I offer experience days in a dry and midge free enviroment in my workshop in Kielder. At present I have up to two spaces for a day on the lathe. The good thing about small size groups is that you get a lot of support and attention when needed.
You will be introduced to the ancient tradition of turning a wooden bowl or plate from green wood. The day will revolve around the lathe and I will be show you all the techniques you need to know to turn a wooden bowl.
I believe experiential learning is the best method to aquire this skill set and so we will be pedalling away for most of the day.

How to book

If you are inspired and would like to give it a go, here is how to book your day on the lathe in Kielder:

  • Before you buy a course, make sure to get in touch with me to arrange a day that fits in with your plans

  • Buy a voucher from the shop or Voucher button. Please read all relevant section before buying, like 'Cancellation' and 'Change of date' guidelines.

A great day of turning with Ralf...

Seeing the bowl slowly evolve out of the bit of wood we initially installed felt great....Turning is definitely not as easy as he makes it look, but easy enough for complete novices to create something you can eat from and that – at least in the creators' eyes – actually looks very nice. Both of us woke up the next day very much wishing we could go back to turn another bowl.

Emma and S. June 2019

My day turning with Ralf was exceptional. Ralf's intricate knowledge of bowl turning really helped to equip me with the skills and techniques to progress myself. I was able to get past some big hurdles that have been holding me back. Ralf is clearly passionate about his craft and is a very good teacher. As an experience I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone else learning how to turn. It was time and money really spent well.

Hamish, June 2019